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5 Interesting Things to Do this July in Niagara Falls


Summer time is a sensational time to visit Niagara Falls. Besides the lush greenery of the beautifully maintained parks, the inspiring rushing waters of the Falls themselves, and the welcoming warmth of the summer sun, Niagara Falls is home to a number of amazing events and activities.

Many of our year-round attractions sparkle and shine during July. You can read about them here: Niagara Falls Attractions.

With a Rise in Tourism taking place in Niagara Falls:

Niagara Falls is a wonder of the world and now there is new development in the area increasing the number of tourists and the money being spent. “We are excited to go on the boat and see the Falls up close,” tourist Linda Burns said.

now is the time to experience the sensational Niagara Region for yourself. Below is a list of limited, time sensitive events that any visitor to the Niagara Region can enjoy during the month of July:

Craft Beer Explosion in Niagara Falls

Long known as Wine Country (and with good reason, as there are over 100 wineries in the region), Niagara has suddenly found itself in the middle of a craft beer explosion:

In 2014-15, LCBO sales of Ontario craft beer grew to more than $68 million, up almost 36% over the previous year.

The phenomenon has hit Niagara, with several local craft brewers opening up locations and a teaching brewery program being offered at Niagara College

Niagara is home over five craft brewers, with stand-outs including Oast, Silversmith, and the brand new Niagara Brewing Company.

The Niagara Brewing Company opens it’s patio in the summer time, providing a unique experience to enjoy a freshly, on-site brewed craft beer in a patio overlooking the Clifton Hill District of the Falls. This is a unique summertime opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

See the nearly 7+ Foot Titan Arum Flower


Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse is located less than a 10 minute walk from the Marriott on the Falls Hotel, is home to a number of native & exotic flowers, including a budding Titan Arum that currently just a shade below 7 feet at 82.5 inches:

Once the flower opens and the beautiful frilly, deep maroon spathe unfurls fully it is going to be a quite a spectacular show – Niagara Parks

The showcase is open seven days a week from 9:30am – 5pm.

Canada Day in Niagara


Canada Day is a time to celebrate across the nation; Niagara Falls is home to one of the largest, most diverse celebrations in the entire country:

Canada Day is a big day, and if it falls on the weekend then the party just gets bigger (often businesses will declare the following Monday a public holiday, guaranteeing a three-day weekend). In Niagara Falls, a town that already has plenty of ways to have a good time, ups the ante.

From parades, special events, a nice stroll in the park and one of the biggest fireworks displays of the year (anywhere in the nation), Canada Day is a headline event in Niagara Falls

Light Up the Sky Debuts at Shaw Festival


For those interested in Theatre, the Shaw Festival will be debuting ‘Light up the Sky’ this upcoming week. The production is tongue-in-cheek, look at the behind the scenes nature of theatre world:

A new play is about to have its first out-of-town tryout and assembled in a hotel suite are the leading lady, the naive playwright, the emotional director, the vulgar producer and his ice-skater wife. Everything is love and kisses and toasts to the “magic time” of theatre. But when they return to the hotel after the show, things aren’t quite as rosy. – Shaw Festival

The play, which has received stand-out reviews in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, takes place over 2:30 hours (with an intermission) inside the Shaw Festival’s main location, the Festival Theatre.

Pan Am Games Coming to Niagara Region

The Pan Am Games are coming to the General Toronto Area, with three amazing events making their way to the within 30 minutes drive of the Niagara Region:

They are the world’s third-largest international multi-sport athletics competition; the Pan American Games will take place this year within the Greater Toronto Region, Canada, with a number of events taking place within the Niagara Region, including the cities of Welland, St.Catharines and Hamilton, Ontario.

Events in the area include:

  • Soccer
  • Rowing
  • Sprint Kayak

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see these world class athletes compete for place & prestige.

Niagara is the place to be this July

These are just five interesting, time sensitive events taking place in Niagara. Combined with our yearly Niagara Falls Attractions and other amazing events in the area and July is the time of year to visit Niagara Falls.

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