Local Niagara Falls Radio Stations

Local Niagara Falls Radio Stations

When visiting a new city it’s always a good idea to get a feel for ‘the pulse’ or feeling that the town provides. Tourist guides, websites, and friends can give you an idea, but one of the best ways to truly experience a town is to see it through the eyes of locals.

One simple way to put your finger on ‘the pulse’ is via local radio; this is the musical  backdrop of a town. While top 40 stations are fairly similar throughout Canada, more nuanced, request based media can give you the soundtrack of the city.

Niagara is no different. The Niagara Region is home to many local radio stations. These are just a few frequencies that might take a casual traveller’s interest, travelling from lower frequencies and upward on the FM dial. Here are a few that we recommend listening to on the way into town or setting your hotel alarm clock radio to:

Country 89

For fans of Country, there’s no need to go further than Country 89. It’s small but devoted DJ’s take requests from a large library of local, national and international country stars. The station is located in Welland, Ontario, just a short 20 minute drive from the Marriott on the Falls Hotel.

Giant FM

Going further up the dial to 91.7 leads to Giant FM, one of the main local feeds for classic rock and heavily interested in local news and promoting local businesses. This is the station to tune into for Alice Cooper style rock and some of the cooler competitions on the airwaves.


Tuning into 97.7FM hits perhaps one of the most popular stations in the area with HTZ-FM. This is the frequency with rock, modern hits and cheeky attitude, with a finger on the pulse of the latest entertainment news, with a particular slant towards what’s going on in the Niagara Region.


Heading into triple-digits, the frequencies are dominated by the various 2day FM stations. In Niagara there are two 2day frequencies, 101.1 and 105.1. Both will offer the latest pop hits and the chart-toppers. This is the mass-appeal network, with regular social media presence and large-scale contests regularly running.

If you’re looking for something different just spin the dial; Niagara’s close proximity to both Buffalo, New York and Toronto, Ontario gives listeners a multitude of listening options.


Travel around the dial and you’ll come across more local flavour – for example, the main news frequency for Ontario is CBC Radio One Toronto, on 99.1FM – and you might land on a genre-specific station more your style.

Whichever route you take, rest assured that Niagara can tailor to your listening preferences.

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