Top 3 Free Niagara Falls Mobile Apps

Top 3 Free Niagara Falls Mobile Apps

Phone apps, no matter what smartphone you use, make everyday life infinitely easier and more convenient. No matter what your needs, there’s an app for it. So it should come as no surprise that even in visiting Niagara Falls there’s a variety of apps that can make things more convenient for newcomers.

Aside from general travel apps and location finders, there are several Niagara Falls specific apps that have been developed for use before and during trips to the city. Here are three of the better Niagara Falls Mobile Apps:

Niagara Parks Golf Courses

The essential app for any visitor looking to play a few rounds. Its most basic function is to act as a scorecard and interactive GPS, but this is integrated with comprehensive data on the local golf courses on the Canadian side of the border. Book tees ahead of time, access tournament leaderboards and use to app to take course tours.

Fashion Outlets Niagara Falls

In the New York town of Niagara Falls, the Fashion Outlet Mall is a massive shopping centre housing a huge selection of food, fashion and accessories. Anyone anticipating a visit to the mall will benefit from the free app: search a handheld directory to find the outlet you’re after, tag your parking location so you’re not searching for your car when you’re done. Regular updates mean up-to-date information is available on retail products, and current running sales are always at your fingertips.

Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino

Note: As of November 2016 the Seneca Apps have been deleted pending review by Google and Apple

There’s a lot to do in Seneca Casino, so having your own personal concierge in your pocket means you always know what to do next.  Search casino maps and directories to find an ideal restaurant or shop in Seneca, and keep an eye on event listings to see what shows and performances are available. New information on the casino is always coming through, and other information on promotions and various offers is made available to Players Club members.

Each of these apps is free and currently available for download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play. With apps like these, balancing between ease of use and comprehensive information being made available to users, any visitor or tourist to Niagara Falls can ensure they always have all the information they need at an instant, and the apps on hand to make the most of their experience.