Spring Time in Niagara

Spring Time in Niagara

As winter melts away in Niagara Falls, chirping birds, the vibrant green landscape, blooming flowers and buzzing bees herald a new season–it is spring time in Niagara!

The chilly winter temperatures give way to warmer weather and the delightful sights and sounds of spring are all around. The ice on portions of the Niagara Falls and the river thaws and the waters tumble down unrestrained once again. A riot of colours in the form of a myriad variety of flowers dot the green vista. Bright yellow daffodils, tulips of every hue, lilac bushes and several other types of flowers make for a very pretty sight. Niagara Falls is known as the daffodil capital of North America due to the sheer abundance of this beautiful flower in these parts. In fact, it is the official flower of the city of Niagara Falls. Flowering trees especially cherry blossoms are stunning and you can see them in full bloom at this time of the year.

Natural Beauty

It’s a great season to visit the various parks and gardens in and around Niagara Falls to see the flora in all its splendour. White, pink, yellow, purple and red are just some of the colours that you can see along the Niagara Parkway. The Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens and the Queen Victoria Park are great places to see the flowers. The 99 acres of well-maintained gardens showcases ornamental plants, shrubs and trees. The rose garden here has more than 2000 varieties of roses. A sea of daffodils meets your eyes at the Queen Victoria Park. Tulips are another attraction and the park is home to a multitude of these flowers during springtime. Other great places to view the springtime blooms are the Floral Showcase and the Floral Clock. The huge clock made with a carpet bedding of plants and flowers is a unique attraction and during spring, viola flowers are used in the design of the clock. The colours and fragrances of the flowers at the Centennial Lilac Garden on the Parkway is also an enjoyable experience during springtime.

Variety of Activities

Head to the Niagara Glen to see various species of plants, trees and innumerable flowers in a natural setting. Birds return after the winter away and spring is the time to do some bird spotting here.  You can see woodland animals like the squirrels shake off the winter blues and get active in spring at the glen. Various festivals, music concerts and theatre shows are also conducted during this season. Above all, visiting the spectacular Niagara Falls is one of the most pleasurable things to do on a clear, beautiful, spring day!

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