Outdoor Wedding Venues in Niagara Falls

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Niagara Falls

Thinking of saying “I do”? Well, Niagara Falls is home to spectacular wedding venues for this most memorable event of your life. The area around the actual falls is very picturesque and provides for a great setting to exchange wedding vows.

Weather permitting, many couples choose to have outdoor weddings against the backdrop of the falls or in other areas in the vicinity. Wedding organizers and companies are available to help you turn your dream wedding into a reality. While there are a number of choices for wedding venues, here are three of the best outdoor locations for the big day.

Oakes Garden Theatre


Situated directly opposite the Niagara Falls, the Oakes Garden Theatre, Ontario is a scenic spot for weddings. There’s a central amphitheatre with stone architecture surrounded by lush lawns, gardens, flower arrangements and more. It’s a very romantic setting for one of the most important days of your life. This place is great for small weddings with a capacity of up to 30 guests.

Two hour slots are available for the ceremony at different times during the day. It is also a great place for wedding photography and ensures that you have some beautiful photos of your special day. There are many places, nooks and corners that provide a great backdrop for photos. Of course, the icing on the cake are the photos with the falls gushing down in the background.

Botanical Gardens


Another popular venue at Niagara Falls, Ontario is a secluded area within the Botanical Gardens. The ceremony takes place at a white arbour with Victorian-styled latticework surrounded by greenery. There’s enough space to walk down the aisle for the ceremony. In demand for larger weddings, around 150 guests can be accommodated in this area. Rental chairs are also allowed for the occasion. Again, the stunning scenery provides the perfect backdrop for wedding photographs.

The Botanical Gardens Willow Pond is also a wonderful location for the ceremony, it has a pond surrounded by willow trees. Around 250 guests can be accommodated at this location. With special permission, you can also conduct weddings at the Butterfly Conservatory in the botanical gardens. It’s a great tropical setting with free-flying butterflies.

Floral Showhouse Gardens and Tropical Foyer


A short distance from the majestic falls in Ontario is the beautiful Floral Showhouse Gardens, another great location for intimate weddings. You can get the feel of paradise amidst the colourful pretty flowers and the lush greenery dotted with ponds and tall grasses. The Artist’s Garden is a serene, picturesque place to conduct the wedding ceremony.  You can also choose to have your ceremony in the extensive rose gardens where you can hear the distant roar of the Niagara Falls in the background. The colourful landscape makes it a great place for wedding photography. This lovely venue has a capacity for holding about 50 guests.

There’s nothing like the outdoors with the blue skies above and the greenery below for the perfect wedding setting!

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