Halloween in Niagara Falls - The Scariest Places in Town

Halloween in Niagara Falls - The Scariest Places in Town

People are attracted to the idea of being scared, and fright-filled attractions are always in demand. Ghost tours and haunted houses with elaborate backstories – the more gruesome and tragic, the better – are common ground for thrill-seekers worldwide, and Niagara is no exception.

Halloween Year Round in Niagara Falls

In fact, Niagara Falls is host to arguably the oldest operating haunted house in North America – the Nightmares Fear Factory. The legend is that the factory used to produce coffins, and the proprietor has haunted the factory floor since being crushed by a stack of solid oak coffins. The Fear Factory is a family favourite, although perhaps a little too scary for young children – the website proudly keeps a six-figure ‘chicken list’ and features various videos of the terrified patrons.

There’s also a variety of ghost walks to choose from around Niagara. In Niagara-on-the-Lake – billed as Canada’s most haunted town – a 90-minute walk around the old buildings is accompanied by a variety of bloody legends and ‘town secrets’ well-equipped to creep out any tourist. And along the Niagara River, Fort George – an early 19th century base for the British Army – has been providing night-time ghost tours for over twenty years.

Ghost Tours

With Niagara and Niagara-on-the-Lake having a thorough reputation for ghost walks and dark legends, there are plenty of hot spots for potential paranormal activity even beyond Halloween. Drummond Hill Cemetery doesn’t have an official ghost walk, but stories of ghostly soldiers and apparitions appearing among the gravestones are common. Another historic military fortress, Fort Erie, has attracted a lot of attention for its ghostly legends, including official research from the Paranormal Investigations Society of Toronto.

For a change of pace, a unique spooky experience is The Museum of the Paranormal. It features a series of exhibitions and displays of photographs attempting to capture the images of ghosts, local legends, and various oddities. The museum itself is also meant to be haunted, and guests have reported various unexplained sounds.

Many more ghost tours and haunted sites abound in Niagara and along the riverbanks – some closed to the public, others operating as tourist hotspots. All of them, whether genuinely terrifying or simply offering some family fun with a few frights, have stories to tell and a love of the supernatural to share. Visit Niagara Falls this Halloween or any time of year; Niagara's scary year round!

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