Fireworks Over The Falls – Everything You Need to Know

Fireworks Over The Falls – Everything You Need to Know

Fireworks Over The Falls is one of the longest running, and most impressive, firework series in the World. With 81 shows in 2014, there are plenty of opportunities to catch this spectacular performance of light and sound in action. Have you ever wondered how long a firework show of this size takes to set up, however? Or perhaps how Fireworks Over the Falls came about? Here is everything you could ever possibly need to know about this awe-inspiring fireworks series.

Fireworks over Niagara Falls FAQ

  • The fireworks themselves are provided by a pyrotechnics company called The David Whysall International Fireworks company. David Whysall himself has over 40 years experience in creating firework displays.
  • All of the displays are pre-programmed and the fireworks are set off electronically. It can take hours for the crew to set up the fireworks in their right places, along with many more hours for them to program the light show.
  • Two or three crew members will go around the Niagara River shoreline, placing all of the fireworks on the launch pad. Each firework is placed into a firing tube (these look and work a lot like mortar tubes).
  • The largest firing tube is 6 inches, with the smallest being 3 inches!
  • Each show lasts anywhere between 4 and 10 minutes, even though it can sometimes take several hours to set up all of the fireworks.
  • Fireworks Over The Falls has been running for 20 years this year; with the first ever performance in 1994.
  • Some of the best vantage points for seeing the fireworks include Queen Victoria Park, Oakes Garden Theatre and Rainbow Bridge. If you want to watch them from Queen Victoria Park during peak season then try to get there early for a good position.
  • Fireworks Over the Falls take place every Friday, Sunday and Holidays from May 9th to November 30th. From June 18th until August 20th they are also every Wednesday, with a show every single day during the last week of August.
  • The Coca Cola Concert Series also coincides with Fireworks Over the Falls, with dozens of free concerts taking place at Queen Victoria Park Stage from May until October.
  • All firework performances are due to start at 10 pm and are subject to dry weather.

Now you're armed with all of the knowledge possible surrounding Fireworks Over the Falls, so what's stopping you? Grab a picnic blanket, find the perfect spot and enjoy one of the most spectacular firework displays in the World.

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