Backyardigans at the Convention Centre

Join The Backyardigans on a heroic quest that is out of this world in Quest for the Extra Ordinary Aliens, appearing Monday at the Fallsview Theatre of the Scotiabank Convention Centre, found right across the street from the Marriott on the Falls hotel.

The Backyardigans gang — Pablo the penguin, Tyrone the moose, Uniqua the purple-spotted creature, Tasha the hippo and Austin the kangaroo — are five high-spirited pre-school friends whose zany imaginations are whisking them on yet another epic adventure!

Quest for the Extra Ordinary Aliens takes the audience on a non-stop musical expedition as The Backyardigans become Daring Detectives, Cookie Security Guards and Space Ace Reporters who travel in hot pursuit of a mysterious space ship and its missing passengers — the cookie-crumbing Aliens! Tag along with the gang and their extraordinary host as they travel to shivering Frozen Toes Mountain, the blistering Hot Footsy Desert, and the volcanic Lost Pirate Island — singing and dancing the whole way!

The Backyardigans: Quest for the Extra Ordinary Aliens is a finger-snapping, toetapping, mind-boggling adventure that will have the whole family dancing on the edge of their seats.

Brought to you by the Marriott on the Falls