The Pinot Affair

Among the wines that do so well here in Niagara is Pinot Noir, an elegant, complex wine that has a magnetic appeal. The love affair Pinot lovers have with the wine is difficult for others to understand, and seems to defy reason.

But exist it does, for many, many reasons. It has delicate flavours and fresh berry aromas, with tantalizing spices and a luscious feel in the mouth. It is a seductive wine conjuring up a desire among its lovers that is unseen with other wine varietals.

Niagara’s most sexy and sultry wine will be in the spotlight this weekend during The Pinot Affair. Eight Niagara wineries will host eight events Oct. 15 and 16, featuring intimate tastings, lusty food and wine pairings and more. Learn first-hand from those who make the wine why they only have eyes for Pinot Noir.

After enjoying the subtle, sexy flavours of Niagara’s Pinot Noirs, retire to a luxurious suite at the Niagara Falls Marriott on the Falls.

Pinot lovers: Once bitten, they never forget.

Brought to you by the Marriott on the Falls.