Gentlemens Club

The Serenity Spa by the Falls isn’t just for the ladies. Men get tense too and are just as deserving of a relaxing spa treatment as the ladies.

The Skin Escape for Men is a one-hour treatment that begins with a relaxing back massage followed by the application of a self-heating marine mud along the spinal column. Once completely relaxed, the face is deeply cleansed and onygenated before a mask is applied and you are treated to a sumptuous scalp massage.

Sore back? Take advantage of the expertise that goes into Phytomer’s products in a treatment for the back that combines purifying and relaxing effects. The 45-minute treatment begins with a detailed cleansing of the back accompanied by a relaxing massage. This is followed by the application of a purifying mask on the back to deeply clean obstructed pores. Tension disappears and the back is cleansed.

Brought to you by the Marriott on the Falls.