White Water Walk

White Water Walk

Niagara River is not a quiet, serene body of water. The volume of water going over Niagara Falls into the relatively narrow riverbank that slices through Niagara Gorge makes the river far more exciting to view – it’s marked by long stretches of whitewater rapids and landmarks like the 60-acre large Niagara Whirlpool. Far too dangerous for swimming or casual kayaking, and great for attractions like the White Water Walk, a walkway solely designed to provide a short trek with the rapids of Niagara River right on its shoulder.

Accessibly via the Niagara Parkway

Main access is provided through a station along the Niagara Parkway on the northern end of Niagara Falls, Ontario – getting to this station is easy, either by foot, car or the WEGO bus service. Here, visitors take an elevator down 70 metres and head through a short underground tunnel to emerge out of the side of Niagara Gorge at one of the narrowest points of the river. The sight that greets visitors as they emerge into the light is unforgettable: a long stretch of class 6 whitewater rapids, up close and personal, with the ancient façade of Niagara Gorge as a forested backdrop.

White Water Boardwalk

The boardwalk of the White Water Walk stretches for about 300 metres along the riverbank, with rapids all along the way, heading north towards other Niagara Park Attractions like the Whirlpool aero car. Along that stretch, at two points the walkway offers viewing platforms, heading down short stairways to creep even closer to the rim of the Niagara River. These small observation decks are about as close to the rapids as anyone can get without actually diving in.

This is a wholly natural attraction in the Niagara Falls that is inexpensive, relaxed and offers something new to anyone new to the area. Even better, it’s open all year round except for winter.

Take a couple of hours out of your day to take a stroll along the river, and you won’t regret it – especially a river as breathtaking as the one that flows through Niagara Gorge.

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White Water Walk
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