Strewn Winery

Strewn Winery
Strewn Icewine

The Strewn Winery is relatively young, operating in its current form since 1997, and the grounds and its local workers have a long history of growing local grapes and produce. The estate now produces award-winning wines in a wide variety of grapes and blends.


The winemaking is the key aspect of Strewn and the estate is also a hub for local cuisine and a celebration of the ‘sense of place’ near the Lake Ontario shore west of Niagara-on-the-Lake. There are multiple tasting bars that can offer both regular vintages and the opportunity to try limited edition blends. The Oliv is a ‘tasting room’ that also serves as a fully-functioning restaurant and bar, offering fresh foods and tapas selected to accompany various wines, including Icewine.

Wine Tours

Strewn conducts tours of both the winemaking facility (with wine tastings) as well as private tours of the vineyards and surrounding grounds. On-site seminars can focus on wine education, pairing wines with food and improving a sense of taste recognition. There are even cooking courses hosted by Strewn that focus on the relationship between food and wine. For larger groups, the estate offers a half-day Wine and Culinary Experience that include activities like bottle label designing, tastings and education on wine characteristics.


Strewn Winery
1339 Lakeshore Road
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