Rainbow Air Helicopter Tours

Rainbow Air Helicopter Tours

Air tours are wonderful way to see the place you are visiting from a viewpoint that most can only dream about. One of the companies that provides this service for the American side of Niagara Falls is Rainbow Air Helicopter Tours.

Helicopter Rides in Niagara Falls NY

Rainbow Air, under current local ownership, has been taking adventurous travellers on helicopter tours since the 1995. The president of the company has been an active aviation participate since the early 1980's. The company is owned and managed by Pat Proctor, a Niagara US resident that wants to make the experience memorable and exciting for each guest.

The vice president is also a Niagara Falls resident who specializes in the tourism for the company. Everyone member of the staff has a very specific job to keep the tour memorable, safe and wonderful. Aviation employees, from mechanics to pilots follow the FAA and Transport Canada regulations to keep Rainbow Air Helicopter Tours flying in the restricted air space around Niagara Falls and Horseshoe Falls.

Rainbow Air Helicopter Tours Overview

The tours offered by Rainbow Air keep you in view of the water at all times, in the Falls and the Niagara River. During the tour you can view The Three Sister Island, Goat Island, and The Rapids of the Upper Niagara River.

Other than the air tours, Rainbow Air Helicopter Tours offers charters. Using the helicopter as a charter service means that a person can bypass all the traffic and businesses of the city while getting a view that only Niagara Falls can provide.

The company also offers aerial weddings. A couple can have the wedding that they will never forget by saying their vows over the falls.

A special service offered while taking your Helicopter Rides in Niagara Falls NY is a guided audio tours in languages other than English. On their website they have services offered in Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese, Japanese and Italian. The have these languages listed and an advertisement for those who read those message to call for tour information.

For all Niagara Falls Helicopter Tour of the famous Niagara Fall and Horseshoe Falls, consider the services of Rainbow Air Helicopter Tours.

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Rainbow Air Helicopter Tours
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