Peller Icewine Lounge

Peller Icewine Lounge

Often referred to as the Peller Ice Room on social media, the 10 Below Peller Icewine Lounge is officially a hit, talked about widely by locals and shared frequently on social media using the hashtag #10below.

Peller Icewine Lounge

Located at the award-winning Peller Estates Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake the Peller Icewine Lounge is 300 square feet, -10 degrees Celsius and filled with Ice & Icewine.

Space is filled with intricate touches, including large scale Icewine bottles, engraved slabs of Ice, sculptures, Ice holders for bottles of Icewine and even a Ice Chandelier.

The area took over 100 hours to create and took over 30,000 pounds of ice to create.

Created as an intimate experience, only 15 people are allowed in the Ice Lounge at any given time. All guests are sent (free of charge) warm winter jacket Parkas and smartphone compatible gloves.

The Ice Lounge can be accessed as part of the $15 Greatest Winery Tour, or for Free for hotel guests booking our signature Icewine package.


Peller Icewine Lounge
290 John Street East
43° 14' 18.8196" N, 79° 4' 1.1388" W