Palatine Hills Estate Winery

Palatine Hills Estate Winery
Palatine Icewine

Palatine Hills Estate Winery is located on Lakeshore Road in Niagara-on-the-Lake, near the Welland Canal & Lake Ontario. It’s a family-focused estate that takes much pride in its history and pedigree – the Neufeld family is credited with being at the forefront of grape growing and icewine innovation in the Niagara region. The current selections include icewines, crisp summer whites and balanced reds.

Historic Site from the War of 1812

Part of the attraction at Palatine Hills is a history exhibition, filled with relics recovered on the estate’s grounds from the War of 1812. Coins, musket balls and other various artefacts from the surrounding battles are on display for complimentary viewing.

Estate Winemaker Tour

The tours at Palatine Hills blend this love of local history and heritage with no-frills detailed guides on the estate’s topographical features and how the estate’s wines are created on-site. Booking ahead means being able to take the Estate Winemaker Tour and receive a full education on the estate’s winemaking techniques and vintages from the resident winemaker. The grounds are also ideal for group parties and weddings.

Visitors are invited to sample up to four of the currently available blends, and complimentary snacks are also offered to match the wines.

The estate caters for tastings and tours for groups of various sizes on appointment.


Palatine Hills Estate Winery
911 Lakeshore Rd
43° 14' 27.2652" N, 79° 8' 55.59" W