Niagara Helicopters

Niagara Helicopters

There are plenty of vantage points in Niagara Falls to view the waterfalls and their surrounds – cliffside observation points, tower decks and so on. Nothing beats an aerial view.

Since 1961

There are a couple of different helicopter tours across southern Ontario, and for newcomers the most convenient, and the tour with the most captivating views, is the one from the Niagara Falls township in Canada. Lifting off from the Victoria Avenue premises – right in the heart of town – Niagara Helicopters Ltd has been conducting aerial tours in the region since 1961. The station has developed in that time into a strong hub of on-site services including a gourmet café and professional photo services.

Along the Whirpool and over Niagara Falls

The standard tour begins with a bird’s-eye view of the Niagara River Whirlpool, a massive sight of churning water in the middle of the river’s ferocious rapids. The helicopter follows the river back over Rainbow Bridge and Queen Victoria Park, providing great views of the Niagara skyline as the route approaches the falls themselves. The route banks along the three waterfalls before circling back around the town for touchdown. Large windows along the sides of the helicopter provides a variety of angles for amateur photographers.

The experience is extremely friendly and accessible to tourists – the company implements a ‘no fly, no pay’ policy which means a full refund when cancellation is required, and individual headsets on board the helicopters provide taped commentary in twelve major languages.

Regular or Speciality Tours

On top of the standard tour of the Niagara region, specialty tours are also available. Specialty tours have been used for wine tours, wedding proposals, drop-offs are various locations including golf courses and even a few sessions of heli-fishing. Couples can even bring a minister along for the ride and tie the knot at 2500 feet in the air within the ‘chapel in the sky’.

The Niagara helicopter tour is a regular winner of Niagara’s Attraction of the Year honours, and stands out as a great opportunity to make some unforgettable memories.

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Niagara Helicopters
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