Niagara Glen Nature Reserve

Niagara Glen

The Glen is an enclosed stretch of forested land within the Great Gorge of northern Niagara, between Niagara Falls and the Botanic Gardens. It’s a living and breathing example of the type of forest that once covered much of the Niagara region, and is rich in both flora and fauna. Nature enthusiasts and hikers will find no better place in Niagara to spend a day.

Niagara Glen Origins

The Niagara River and the constant force of the water flowing from the Great Lakes has been shaping the land for thousands of years. The constantly changing shape of the Niagara Gorge and the river have left pockets of land rich in natural growth – including the reserve known as the Niagara Glen.
It’s rugged terrain, with elevation changes ranging to 60 metres, and the tracks are well-maintained and the Niagara Glen Nature Centre itself is easily accessible. The centre features local art and wood carvings as well as serving as a service point for supplies, permits and general information. Guided tours also regularly depart from the centre to cover the major locations within the Glen.

World Class Hiking

The Glen stretches along the current course of the river, and thus offers plenty of vantage points to see the rapids that characterise this stretch of water. The Great Gorge has forced the water into a right-angle turn here, creating the Niagara Whirlpool – a centrepiece of the natural variety the area has to offer. The Whirlpool jet boats travel the rapids along the Glen’s share of the river, offering thrill-seekers the change to experience the rapids up close.

Rock Climbing and Tree Planting

Aside from hiking and admiring the scenery, the Glen offers other activities to visitors. Permits for bouldering are available from the Nature Centre, and tree-planting and geocaching is also allowed with permission and consultation with Niagara Parks workers.

The Glen is a bastion of Niagara biodiversity that is rarely found in the modern age. Much of the plant and animal life in the Glen as classified as ‘at risk’ – so attendants, as long as they are mindful of respecting the park’s rules and requirements for preserving the natural landscape, will experience a rarer and more unique look at Niagara than most experience.

Education Staff and Guides will be on-site starting May 30th for the 2015 season.

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Niagara Glen Nature Reserve
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