Niagara Falls MistRider Zipline

Niagara Falls MistRider Zipline

Several daredevils have performed stunts over the Niagara Falls in Ontario over the years. Now you too can experience a similar thrill while riding WildPlay’s MistRider Zipline to the Falls, the recently opened zip-lines for the adventurously inclined. These ziplines are located over the Niagara Gorge and River passing by the American and Bridal Veil Falls while heading towards the Horseshoe Falls.

Niagara Falls Zipline

The zipline was opened to the public mid-July 2016 and thousands of guests have already lined up to try this brand-new attraction. You can take a ride on one of the four ziplines each carrying one rider between two points–the Grand View Marketplace and the historic Ontario Power Company building. Situated 220 feet above the gorge, the ziplines traverse a length of 2,200 feet at a speed of about 70 kmph. Not only do you get to enjoy a thrilling ride, you can take in one of the best views of the stunning and scenic landscape including the falls, the river and the gorge. Riders aged 7 and above can use the ziplines and should weigh between 23 and 136 kgs.

Zipline overlooking the Falls

Once you are at the launch platform, you are strapped into harnesses so safety systems are securely in place. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. A small gate opens in front of you as you begin your journey over the gorge and the river. If you want to go slightly slower to enjoy the views you can spread your hands and legs out wide which will slow the line just a bit whereas if you want to zoom ahead you can put your legs out straight together in front of you. Of course, you can also just relax and enjoy the ride in a normal sitting position as well. On this flight without feathers, you can feel the mist from the falls on your face as you pass by the American Falls and head towards the Horseshoe Falls. At the end of the ride, the systems work to get your line to an automatic halt and you can get off. There is a viewing platform at the end accessible only through the zipline from where you can get a fabulous view of the Horseshoe Falls. It’s a great way to see the falls away from the crowds and with a unique view.

Popular Niagara Falls Attraction

The MistRider Ziplines have also garnered a fair share of media attention through print, TV and digital mediums. With their extensive coverage of this attraction, people are eager to try this wonderful ride that is located so close to the magnificent falls. The best part is that the ziplines can be tried by everyone, not just the experienced adventurer. Are you ready for the ride?

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Niagara Falls MistRider Zipline
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