Niagara Falls Incline Railway

Niagara Falls Incline Railway

Walking is easy in Niagara, and most of the local amenities are clustered relatively close together along the Niagara Parkway just north of the falls. Walking access from Fallsview Blvd and the Niagara Parkway is available via the steep slope on Murray Street. Even at a brisk pace, that extra travel time adds up when trying to do multiple things in one day.

Niagara Falls Time Saver

The Niagara Falls Incline Railway was built to address this. This is what’s referred to as a funicular railway: a cable-led system where tram-like carriages move up and down the slope to ferry passengers from one side to another. In the case of the Niagara Incline Railway, it provides a direct route from the Fallsview strip to the ‘Bridge of Flowers’ walkway, which leads right to the Table Rock Welcome Centre: the gateway for all local info and activities regarding the Niagara Falls themselves. This route saves walkers over 15 minutes on each ride. Besides the time savings, riders are also protected from elements such as rain, wind, snow and cold.

Attraction Ride

The railway has undergone regular development to ensure the cars, now self-enclosed and climate-controlled, are comfortable, and that the mechanics are smooth and functional. The railway is deliberately paced slowly, so passengers can enjoy the view of the falls on the way down, but still covers the 500-metre distance in under a minute.

Tickets are available at the stations on both ends of the railway, and are relatively inexpensive with return and day passes also available. The service runs all year around except for some public holidays, generally from 9am to at least 7pm.

While funicular railways are in regular use in the US and Europe, this is one of only two such modes of transport in all of Canada. Hard-core motor and rail enthusiasts might appreciate the funicular’s unique design compared to other trains and trams. But everyone will appreciate the views offered on the way up or down the slope, and the times saved by its operation.

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Niagara Falls Incline Railway
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