Niagara Falls History Museum

Niagara Falls History Museum

The Niagara Falls History Museum showcases the history of Niagara Falls. The Niagara Falls History Museum has three galleries telling the most compelling stories in Niagara Falls' history. The museum is located within steps of the Battle Ground Hotel Museum, which is a connected to the Battle of Lundy’s Lane.

Gale Family War of 1812 Gallery

A gallery dedicated to the history of the War of 1812 and the impact of the War on the citizens of Niagara Falls. From the onset of the War, Niagara Falls was involved in the American invasion into the peninsula and was the scene of the Battle of Chippawa and the Battle of Lundy’s Lane. The collections of the Niagara Falls Museums contains many important artifacts related to the War of 1812.

Niagara Falls History Museum

Niagara Falls Gallery

Once in this gallery, visitors will be immersed in the history of the iconic City of Niagara Falls, from the geological creation of our famous landmark to the daredevils that dared mother nature to the stories of the people who made our city. Three interactive stations in this gallery allow visitors young and old to touch mother nature, span the gorge and become a daredevil.

Seasonal Exhibit

The third exhibition space often combines traveling pieces and offers the museum lover something new every couple of months. The Niagara Falls History Museum is dedicated to bringing the history of the world to life in Niagara Falls while preserving local history. The best of both worlds.

Open Tuesday through Sunday 10 am (10h00) to 5 pm (17h00), Thursdays until 9 pm. Closed Mondays.
Closed Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day

Free admission for children under six (6)


Niagara Falls History Museum
5810 Ferry Street
Niagara Falls
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