Niagara College Teaching Brewery

Niagara College Teaching Brewery

The playing field in Canada is expanding with more craft brewing courses being made available across the country, which is only further fuelling an already-booming craft beer industry. It may not be long before the beer industry in Canada matches, or even challenges, the prestige of the long-established winemaking industry.

Canada's First Teaching Brewery

In Niagara and some would argue all of Canada, the main hub for beer education is in Niagara-on-the-Lake, at the Niagara College Teaching Brewery, the first brewing college course offered in all of Canada. The Niagara College not only remains the pioneer, but is still a state-of-the-art facility with an award-winning pedigree.

The idea behind the facility was to provide a specialized program to help develop Canada’s craft beer industry with skilled workers, and establish itself as a melting pot of on-campus craft products available by the batch to the public.

The college offers a full two-year Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Diploma course; although the brewery itself is the main focus, the diploma’s coursework is designed to prepare students for roles within the industry in production, management and marketing.

Student Brewing leads to Unique Tasting Experience

The brewery’s design also encourages experimentation, being able to produce beer in both large quantities and by-the-keg batches. The result is two-fold: students get to experiment with ingredients and flavours, and some of these experimental blends are put on sale for craft beer connoisseurs to try for themselves.

Student-made beers can be bought by walk-in customers at a small attached venue on campus. Aside from standard beer types and the Brewmaster range of ales and stouts, one-off brews are available as limited ‘Small Batch’ options.

Standards and fresh Small Batch options make the Brewery a hit amongst local beer connoisseurs, as the brewery changes on a near weekly basis. Stop in to try some of the best up and coming craft beer in Canada.

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Niagara College Teaching Brewery
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