Niagara Centennial Lilac Garden

Niagara Centennial Lilac Garden

The strip of public land alongside the Niagara Parkway, especially near the Sir Adam Beck Reservoir, is a hotspot for gardens and floral displays. The most iconic of these is the Floral Clock, and just near this edifice is a garden worth visiting for the fragrance as much as the sights.

Public Lilac Garden Open to the Public

The Centennial Lilac Garden was crafted in 1967 as a celebration of Canada’s centennial year, with funding from the American Rotary Clubs of District 709. It’s a public garden ten acres large, and contains two hundred different varieties of lilac, all of different shapes, colours and sizes. Overall the collection has around 1200 individual plants, arranged mostly in large assortments that have had decades to grow into impressive bunches of flowering bushes.

The ideal time to visit the lilac garden is May or early June, when the lilacs are in full bloom. Lilacs have a fairly small window in spring for blooming so make sure to schedule your trip at this time to catch all the colourful flowers and catch the best photo opportunities.

Free Attraction near the Niagara Floral Clock

There’s no charge to spend time here or to park nearby, with no restrictions on visitation. Walk around at your own pace and have a picnic among the lilacs and their scents. Being close to the Floral Clock and manicured nature trails, a whole afternoon can be spent around the garden with plenty to see and do for nature enthusiasts. The central location, equally close to Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake, places it as a convenient stopover to great up other local attractions like the wineries or the parkland along Niagara Gorge.


Niagara Centennial Lilac Garden
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