Journey Behind the Falls

Journey Behind the Falls

Run by the Niagara Parks Commission as one of its flagship tourism programs for the iconic Niagara Falls, the Journey Behind the Falls is the premier opportunity on the Canadian side of the border to delve into the heart of the iconic Niagara region.

For decades the Journey has provided a unique chance for tourists to get as close to the falls as safely able, for those wanting more than the vantage points provided around Niagara Gorge. Specifically, the tour takes place at Horseshoe Falls, a portion of Niagara Falls two-thirds within Canadian territory. The Horseshoe Falls are the largest section of the waterfall arrangement, with about 90% of the Niagara River flowing over this particular section of the cliff side.

Journey Behind the Falls Tour

The tour is unguided and allows tourists the freedom to make their own way to the viewing point. There are, however, often workers on hand to ensure tourists are moving through and ensuring everything is still safe – the Parks Commission has gone to great lengths to ensure that this wet, slippery and potentially hazardous tour runs smoothly and stays safe for visiting families.

Journey Behind the Falls Location

Access is from the Table Rock Welcome Centre, in itself a major tourist hub overlooking the falls. Access to the Journey observation areas are via a system of tunnels and elevators that takes visitors 150 feet underground. Rain ponchos are handed out before tourists enter the tunnels to act as protection against the spray from the massive amount of falling water visitors encounter at the observation decks – and, of course, they make great souvenirs.
There’s more than one observation area – the first portals are one third of the way behind the falls themselves. Further along, the subterranean path quickly opens up to behind the cascading flow of Horseshow Falls. The noise of the water plummeting 13 storeys is thunderous.

Journey Behind the Falls Seasonal Information

The attraction is open all year around, although with restricted access in the winter when the lower observation deck is closed due to ice conditions. Visitors are typically in the tour for about 30–45 minutes – enough time to get up close to a massive force of nature and get a sense of the weight of the water plummeting off the cliff facing of Niagara Gorge.

Journey Behind the Falls opens on April 1st for the 2016 season.

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Journey Behind the Falls
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