Ice House Winery

Ice House Winery

At The Ice House, their signature wine is called 'Northern Ice'. Crafted by leaving grapes on the vines well into winter to allow nature to cultivate the grape's flavor complexity as it ripens.

There are two styles of Icewine. The more traditional dessert Icewine, which has sweet, rich fruit tones and the newer "toasting" Icewine style which was designed for a more balanced, crisp, refreshing mouthfeel. The "toasting" Icewines maintain the same level of sugar as the dessert styles, and their higher acid levels provide a cleaner mouthfeel. Honour your guests when they enter your home, by raising a small glass of Icewine to "toast the land" and use it to bring a touch of elegance to your menu. Its longer flavour delivery creates a "dance in your mouth" balance with highly flavoured rich or spicy appetizers.

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Ice House Winery
14778 Niagara Parkway
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