Henry of Pelham Winery

Henry of Pelham Winery

Henry of Pelham Estate Winery was established in 1988 with the first vintage. At that time Henry of Pelham was one of very few estate wineries dedicated to producing premium quality wines made from 100% Ontario grown grapes.

Bobbi Speck Art Collection

While visiting the winery, please feel free to take the time to wander through the building and view the fine art collected by Paul and Bobbi Speck, throughout the 1970’s. An impressive collection that compliments the craftwork in the local wines.

These original paintings are from a range of Canadian artists that passed through the beautiful Annex area of Toronto.

More information about the winery, gallery, or events visit https://www.henryofpelham.com/


Henry of Pelham Winery
1469 Pelham Road
St. Catharines
43° 6' 34.3836" N, 79° 17' 46.0824" W