FlyBoard Niagara

FlyBoard Niagara

The FlyBoard is fairly new on the scene, and it provides a platform for a new form of water sports that’s grown quickly in popularity. It’s easy to get the hang of and provides a new experience.

Like Nothing Else

In short, the FlyBoard is a combination of traditional water-skiing with a personal propulsion device that looks like a jetpack. Both hand and foot water jets allow users to lift themselves off the water and up to 40 feet into the air. It only takes a few minutes to get the hang of, and as users gain experience they can pull off a wide array of stunts and tricks to get the most out of the thrill ride. All you need is a basic sense of balance and the FlyBoard is an accessible way to have a completely new experience. Even if you stumble a couple of times, the staff on hand are always supportive and dedicated to giving you the best possible experience.

Half Hour Flight

Currently there’s only one professional venue for a first-hand encounter, and luckily it’s close to town. FlyBoard Niagara operates in Chippawa, a short drive south of central Niagara Falls, mostly using a local cove for the experience. Their entry-level package is for a half hour solo flight.

Up in the Air in Five Minutes

The FlyBoards are designed to be used by people of all ages and you don’t need to be a super-fit thrill-seeker to get the most out of them – the instructors place a lot of stock in their claim that they can teach you how to use it in five minutes. Other programs allow for longer runs on the water, and they all come with the option of a camera mounted on your helmet so you can record the trip and share it with your family and friends afterwards.

Even if you’re generally not into ‘extreme sports’, if you have the time to give this a go it should be considered nothing short of essential. With its high level of accessibility everyone can get the most out of a FlyBoard session, take the time to check it out and it might be a highlight of your trip.

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FlyBoard Niagara
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