Escape Room Niagara

Escape Room Niagara

For someone looking to get a little more engagement out of an urban attraction, Escape Room could be a unique new option for groups.

Escape Room is in the heart of downtown Niagara, located on Queen Street. It’s an interactive puzzle that tests a group’s skills to work together and solve problems to escape a series of themed rooms. It’s a relatively new trend across North America, and this attraction in Niagara is a great example of why the ‘puzzle room’ is becoming increasingly popular.

Three Separate Escape Challenges

The site hosts three separate Escape Room challenges. Backstage has a theatrical style; The Castle is medieval-themed and demands quick wits; and the Bunker is an underground hideout for larger groups keen on a mystery to go with their puzzle solving. All these challenges require groups to navigate out of the puzzle-labyrinth within an hour.

Challenging Puzzles

Success may require simple code-breaking, arithmetic or logic. A host helps guides the groups through and may give hints when people get stuck on the puzzles, and only in the form of light prods or tips. It’s a challenge, and a rewarding one that is great for families and groups to use as both a fun and engaging activity and a fresh new way to test themselves and be part of an interactive story.

Trending Across North America

Any group between three to ten people can participate, making Escape Room a perfect option for families or travelling groups – or a fun way to meet new people. You can also go in a smaller group and get paired up with a mix group. It’s a badge of pride to be able to claim victory over one of the Escape Room scenarios, making it a challenging attraction trend that is making its way across North America.

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Escape Room Niagara
4448 Queen St
Niagara Falls
43° 6' 23.1588" N, 79° 3' 59.4648" W