Dufferin Islands Park

Dufferin Islands

A hidden, free to visit attraction in the Niagara Falls region, the Dufferin Islands are made up of a small cluster of islands tucked alongside the Niagara River banks, a short drive upstream of Niagara Falls along the Niagara Parkway, on the Ontario side of the border.

Ten Acre Oasis

Across a land surface of ten square acres, the islands make up a parkland unlike anything else in the area. The small islands are lush with foliage and connected by a series of footbridges. It’s very much an oasis and a secluded grove in the middle of the southern Ontario region, perfect for picnics and for general quiet sightseeing.

Generally swimming isn’t permitted for safety reasons and to prevent disturbing the fish that call the Islands area their home, and swimming areas are occasionally designated in summertime.

Cultivated Beauty and Sustainability

The islands have existed in their current state for over a hundred years, and in recent decades Niagara Parks has gone to great lengths to further develop the natural beauty of the area. The fish population has been expanded to the point where tourists are allowed to fish without disrupting the ecosystem. The natural foliage has been diversified with natural plant life and feeders have been placed around the islands to attract a greater variety of birdlife.

Much to see and do

Another reason to visit Dufferin Islands Park: the ample opportunities for birdwatching. Any visitors looking to catch a glimpse of a brightly-coloured cardinal or native ducks in the waters won’t be disappointed.

The parkland is also the main location for the prestigious Winter Festival of Lights that adorns the Niagara township in light and colour by night every year. From November until January the perimeter of the islands is decorated with animated lighting displays.

The Dufferin Islands are a quiet haven away from the more populated attractions at the heart of the town of Niagara Falls, unspoilt, pristine and welcoming to everyone.

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Dufferin Islands
Dufferin Islands
Niagara Falls
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