Crock A Doodle Niagara Falls

Crock A Doodle Niagara Falls

Kids are always up for arts and crafts, especially where painting is involved. Public places for kids to indulge in these habits can be hard to find, this is not the case in Niagara Falls.

One example of such is the growing Canadian franchise of Crock A Doodle – located on Falls Avenue in the heart of Niagara Falls, Ontario, a centre for pottery painting and design. Styling itself as a workshop for ‘”fun art” rather than “fine art”’, Crock A Doodle invites people of all ages to get in touch with their artistic side with pre-made pottery.

How Crock A Doodle Works

A variety of blank-canvas pieces are there to choose from – starting from mugs and plates to more exotic ornaments including skull-shaped piggy banks and figurines. The studio offers a range of design templates and staff is constantly on hand to assist with ideas or help with painting specific styles or templates. Alternatively, visitors can choose to experiment with their own techniques in decorating the pieces from a range of different paint colours and palettes. When the painting is done, the piece is glazed and baked in a kiln overnight, monitored and cared for my professional potters. Afterwards the piece is finished and ready to pick-up!

Themes aren't limited to kids and entry-level hobbyists. Crock A Doodle proudly advertises its ability to cater for a variety of different groups. Businesses are invited to use the exercise as a team-building activity for its employees. Schools are encouraged to turn it into a learning experience for students.

With an open door to every age and level of skill, the Crock A Doodle studio is an inviting and engaging way to indulge in one’s creative side.

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Crock A Doodle
5685 Falls Ave
Niagara Falls
43° 5' 31.848" N, 79° 4' 17.5188" W