Caroline Cellars Winery

Caroline Cellars Winery
Caroline Cellars Wine

Caroline Cellars Estate Winery is a smaller, yet standout winery that produces a large variety of grape types and blends. Popular among tour groups and festival visitors, this winery is tucked away from the busier areas of Niagara Wine Country.


Winery walk-ins that are not part of a pre-booked event or group are also well looked after. Tastings are diverse, with just about every part of their wine menu available for a walk-in sample, seven days a week. At lunch time the accompanying restaurant, The Farmhouse Café, is also open for appetizers to accompany wine selections and full bistro-style meals.

Festival Events

The winery also hosts the occasional festival, including the Lobsterfest for seafood enthusiasts, serving full meals with wine selections and live music for entertainment. There are many other specific food pairings throughout the year – BBQ pork, chocolate and even potato chips. Good wine can be an experience for any palate.


Caroline Cellars Winery
1010 Line 2 Rd
43° 13' 9.3756" N, 79° 5' 50.73" W