Bird Kingdom

Bird Kingdom

Open every day of the year, Bird Kingdom is a paradise for any exotic bird enthusiast. It’s the largest free-flying aviary in the world, and much more besides.

Situated right near the Canadian end of the border-crossing Rainbow Bridge, the Bird Kingdom complex is a historical curiosity, once the Niagara Falls Museum – a world-renowned site of Ancient Egyptian relics, including the mummy of Ramesses I. The preserved state of the building has kept hints of the building’s previous purpose, and in some cases adapted into an ‘ancient ruins’ theme for the larger aviaries. Kids even have ruins-themed games to diversify the experience from bird-watching, including a Kids Archaeology Dig activity area.

Niagara Falls Explorer's Base Camp

The Explorer’s Base Camp is the first main section of the Kingdom, where guests can get up close and personal with a variety of exotic birds from all over the world. Some, like the rainbow lorikeet from Australia and South East Asia, can even be hand-fed and handled. The Reptile Encounter Room is also on-site and contains a variety of lizards, snakes, frogs and arachnids from all over the world. Some of the snakes, chameleons and other exotic lizards can be handled safely.

The Night Jungle (or the Nocturnal Zone) is kept dark during the day and bright during the night. Owls, bats and nocturnal reptiles are kept here – fruit bat feedings are timed throughout the day for visitors to watch.

Bird Kingdom


Of course, the main attraction is the aviaries. There are two separate enclosures. The Small Bird Aviary contains around 40 species of tropical birds, many of them rare or endangered. It also features fantastic views of Niagara Gorge as a backdrop. The feature event is the 50 000 square foot main aviary, containing 400 birds from 80 different species mostly from the tropical corners of Australia, Africa and South America. The aviary feels like a miniature jungle, with lush vegetation and a 40 foot waterfall.

Also in the main aviary is the only authentic Javanese house in North America, hand-crafted with teak in the traditional style – meaning no nails needed. It functions as a tea house, offering refreshments and sweets to beat the artificially maintained tropical heat in the aviary.

Bird Kingdom is an incredibly popular tourist attraction – it has been voted Niagara Falls Attraction of the Year four times in recent years. With a globally renowned collections of exotic birds and reptiles from all over the globe, any nature enthusiast will have an afternoon’s worth of fun.

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Bird Kingdom
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