Battle of the Titans

Battle of the Titans

Skylon Tower, in the heart of Niagara Falls, has hosted a variety of entertainment events and attractions over the years. More recently, it’s added dinosaurs to the line-up.

The Battle of the Titans exhibit is a showcase built around the once-very-real concept of some of the most iconic dinosaurs in our world’s ancient history locked in conflict with each other for survival. The centrepiece consists of two dinosaur sculptures, one a Tyrannosaurus Rex and the other a Triceratops – designed to scale, leaving visitors perhaps feeling quite small by comparison – approaching each other ready for conflict.

Interactive Experience

The exhibit is an interactive experience designed to be educational for all ages, creating immersion with life-size dinosaur models moving, flighting and roaring within dioramic environments evocative of how the world likely would have looked 65 million years ago. Kids will love seeing both recognizable and unique dinosaurs placed within these painstakingly built environments, moving with the aid of animatronic technology, and adults might find themselves learning quite a lot about dinosaur life in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. There’s a wealth of information on offer for enthusiasts, both through reading material and educational videos.

Historically Accurate Representations

The dinosaur models are designed with extensive reference to modern scientific discoveries and palaeontological theory on how dinosaurs looked, sounded and moved – how their muscles might have formed, how their skin might have appeared, even if they also had feathers or not (fun fact: the iconic Velociraptor was fully feathered like a flightless bird).

Educational Outing

Aside from the exhibits and displays, other activities and interactive elements are incorporated into the experience as well – kids can participate in makeshift archaeological digs, or stick their heads into a dinosaur head to see the world from their perspective, as well as getting a glimpse at the inner workings of these massive beasts. There are also other play areas and art-and-craft activities for young children to play as they learn about dinosaur life.
The attraction is not a permanent exhibit – the sculptures will be on display until October 2015. For kids and anyone even casually interested in the lives of dinosaurs, this is an essential stopover in one’s Niagara experience.

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Battle of the Titans
5200 Robinson Street
Niagara Falls
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