Aquarium of Niagara

Aquarium of Niagara

The Aquarium of Niagara in Niagara Falls, New York offers a fascinating display of marine life with a diverse variety of animals. Located close to the Niagara River, the aquarium houses around 1500 marine creatures.

Whaling at the Wall

The Whaling Wall mural created by marine artist Wyland on the outside of the aquarium building is the first sight that greets you. It gets even more interesting as you enter the building for an encounter with its marine life. Some of the animals found here include sea lions, penguins, sharks, seals, sea stars, sea horses, turtles, sturgeons and various other types of fish. The animals that live here represent ecosystems ranging from the Great Lakes to coral reefs. The exhibits are aimed at increasing public awareness about aquatic life and promoting conservation through recreational and educational programmes.

Activities Galore

There are plenty of activities here that will captivate both adults and children. At Penguin Feedings, interesting information is shared with visitors about these creatures, their care and their conservation. The Care at the Aquarium activity focuses on the sea lions and visitors can watch these interesting animals stretching, rehearsing and interacting with their trainers. All these mechanisms help the animals to remain fit and active. Watch the exciting Spirit of the Sea, a sea lion show set to pulsating music and an incredible visual display of diving, swimming and soaring with the human and animal performers. Pacific Preserve Presentation highlights the care provided to the aquarium’s harbour seals. It’s a great opportunity for visitors to learn about these fabulous creatures and their adaptations to live in the oceanic ecosystem. Equally amazing is the Tidal Pool or Shark Feedings that people will definitely enjoy.

If you wish to interact with these marine creatures, you can have an enjoyable encounter with them. Get friendly with seals or sea lions at the Pinniped Encounter where you can mingle with them at close quarters. It gives you a chance to not only understand about the care given to the animals and also to touch, feed and get a playful kiss from them! At an additional cost, you can even get a photograph of the kiss. Similar delights await you at the Penguin Encounter. You can enjoy a fun interactive session with Humboldt Penguins and also have a photograph of the encounter. Prior reservation is required for the animal encounters.

Marine Experience

For visitors who want to have a souvenir of their trip, Finesse the gift shop at the aquarium has a wide assortment of marine mementoes. The aquarium also has special events planned around the year revolving around marine life. Additionally, kids’ birthday parties and get-togethers can also be organised at the aquarium. The aquarium staff ensures a fun and hassle-free birthday party. The Aquarium of Niagara can give guests an interesting perspective, and is a great change of pace during a sight-seeing family Niagara Falls Vacation.

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Aquarium of Niagara
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Niagara Falls
United States
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