Adventure City Niagara Falls

Adventure City Niagara Falls

For all the modern consoles and thrill rides of 21st-century amusement, sometimes a classic arcade-style setting is just what the kids want – a combination of games, crazy activities and time-honoured gems like dodgem cars. In Niagara Falls, the attraction that most fits the bill is Adventure City.

Located in Clifton Hill district, this 17 000 square foot complex is in the heartland of Niagara Falls and boasts over 125 different arcade games and a wide variety of attractions. As with all good arcades, the old and the new blend together in a full smorgasbord of choice – kids can either try their skill with the traditional skeeball or something electronic like a light gun shooter. As usual, kids can collect tickets to claim any of a variety of prizes at the stall.

Adventure City Rides & Attractions

Combat Bumper Cars

On top of the arcade, the Adventure City variety also extends into full interactive rides. The aforementioned dodgem cars are provided in the Traffic Slam Bumper Cars ride – the official tagline will talk about a traffic rush, and the plot isn’t important when there’s an opportunity to bump and crash along in a dodgem car.

Adventure Heroes Laser Ride

Other interactive rides include the Adventure Heroes Laser Ride, a tour bus that ‘travels the streets’ to capture criminals. Riders test their skill in taking down as many villains during the ride as they can.

Wild Safari Mini Putt

Or for a ride that lets patrons stretch their legs instead, Adventure City even manages to fit a nine-round mini-golf course into its establishment. The theme is Wild Safari, and gamers are warned that one wrong shot may wake the ‘King of the Jungle’.

Iwerks 4D Motion Theatre

It is most intimately connected with the Iwerks 4D Theatre, one of several high-tech theatres in Niagara. This theatre, as well as featuring advanced 3D technology, utilises water jets and air blasters to turn a simple viewing into an immersive experience.

The current Iwerks schedule includes:

  • Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
  • Happy Feet 4-D Experience

Arcade Games, and Prizes

Adventure City also includes a number of arcade games for players young and old, as well as carnival games that award tickets for play, which can be traded in for a variety of interesting prizes.

Adventure City is paradise for kids, with enough activities and variety to entertain for hours on end – and with the blend of traditional arcade games with modern electronic rides, there’s bound to be something for the parents to get into as well.

Enjoy Adventure City

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Adventure City Niagara Falls
4915 Clifton Hill
Niagara Falls
43° 5' 26.9088" N, 79° 4' 24.6288" W